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por Constanza Subijana

Constanza Subijana aplica un nuevo concepto de Venta Inmobiliaria.

Constanza Subijana

Licenciada en Derecho y con un  MBA por el Instituto de Empresa inicia su andadura profesional en el mundo de la Banca.

Tras varios años dedicada al mundo financiero cambia su residencia a Irlanda, país donde las técnicas de venta del Home Staging están ya consolidadas, así que decide dar un nuevo rumbo a su carrera profesional, dedicándose por entero a esta actividad.

Después de adquirir la formación necesaria, funda HS Decor y comienza a colaborar con agencias y con propietarios de viviendas en alquiler y venta adquiriendo experiencia en el sector.

Tras volver a España de nuevo, continua su labor como Stager.

Es una de las socias fundadoras de la Asociación de Home Staging de España, creada en 2013. 




Constanza Subijana - Consultant and Founder, HSDecor

Constanza Subijana Azqueta

Consultant and Founder, HSDecor

Licenced in Degree and with an MBA in the Instituto de Empresa , Madrid, she starts working in Investment Banking . After many years working in the financial sector, she moves to Ireland, where she gets to know the concept of Home Staging and decides to change her professional career. 

In 2011 , she comes back to Madrid and she founds Home Staging Decor SL, and starts to work with private investors, realtors and constructors. 

In 2013 founds the AHSE with another colleages of the sector, and she is at the moment the President. 

Since 2015 she is the teacher of the Home Staging Course in Escuela Madrileña de Decoración ( www.esmadeco.com),  the only one accredited center in Spain by the IAHSP. 

In 2017 she became member of IAHSP in Spain. 

Ina Briones de Miguel - Consultant, HS Decor Barcelona

Ina Briones de Miguel

Consultant, HS Decor Barcelona

Degree in Business Administration by the Complutense University of Madrid, MBA at the Instituto de Empresa in Madrid and Master in Financial and Tax Consultancy at  Caixanova Business School. After 7 years dedicated to the financial world in the Private Banking sector,  she decided to give a turn to her professional career and manage her own business of supplies and services for large yachts in Barcelona. In July 2017 she joined the team of HS Decor to develop the business area of Barcelona.

Carmen Pérez.  Architect

Carmen Pérez


Degree in Architecture by the Technical School of Architecture of Madrid (collegiate in the COAM nº19117), University Master in Advanced Project of Architecture and City, Bioclimatic Architecture and Course of Energy Certifications in Association ASECE. She collaborates with HS Decor in all procedures that require the presence of an architect: supervision / direct works, build housing plans, issue Energy Certificates etc.

Félix Davilla - Photographer

Félix Davilla

Photographer, Madrid

Degree in Telecommunications Engineering,  Computer consultant and Photography lover. His computer skills allow him to obtain the best quality of the photographs using different programs for the development and the edition of the images. In addition to having the experience and sensitivity necessary to take advantage of the spaces and details of interior photography.

Constantin Candel Viorel - Construction Contractor

Constantin Candel Viorel

Construction Contractor

With a wide experience in all types of works, Viorel has a qualified team of professionals who cover all types of trades relevant to the works (plumbing, carpentry, electricity, etc.).

Joanna Noguera

Photographer Barcelona

Architecture Degree by the University of Caracas, Venezuela,  and Master in Urban Design by the University of Barcelona. She is also Doctorate in Urban Regeneration and Public Space and a Postgraduate of Photography by the Superior School of Image and Design, Barcelona. She applies her spatial and visual knowledge to make the most of the houses she photographs, being a mix of architectural photography with the additional sensitivity of a home, basic to any Home Staging photography.